TC bargaining update: still no agreement on wages and other issues

As you may recall, we tabled our comprehensive wage proposal when we last met with Treasury Board in June. Unfortunately, the employer refused to provide a meaningful response.

Wage gap still a priority

Closing the gap is the goal of the TC wage demand. It should be the employer’s goal too.

We spent extensive time and effort to build our wage demand to reflect the real disparities that exist for TC members. We gathered bargaining input from members across the country, and had numerous conversations with members who do a wide variety of jobs over the two years that we have been in negotiations.

We formed three subcommittees, representing enforcement workers, dockyard workers and TIs at Transport Canada, in order to ensure we had the most comprehensive data possible to address wage gaps. We also commissioned a study with AON Consulting to survey employers in the public and private sectors across Canada and provide concrete results on TC jobs.

So naturally we returned to the table expecting a meaningful response to our wage proposal. Unfortunately, the employer told us they were unprepared to do so.

Government wasn’t ready to bargain fairly

The employer had not done the work required since we last met in June to respond in a meaningful way. They demonstrated a lack of preparation and a lack of understanding of the problems that exist in our workplaces. They showed disregard for the concerns we rose and a lack of respect for all of us, the dedicated employees of the public service.

Wage disparities hurt retention, recruitment, career progression, professional standing and employee morale. We expect the employer to take these issues as seriously as we do.

Same wage proposal

The employer’s current proposal for economic increases remains unchanged: a paltry 0.5 per year for each year of a four-year agreement. 

Given that our employer is unwilling to make any significant movement on our demands, we have unfortunately reached the end of the road. We cannot set any further bargaining dates when Treasury Board is not taking members’ priorities seriously.

In the coming weeks we will be ramping up mobilization and we will keep you posted on next steps.



September 16, 2016