Talks moving forward between PSAC and SSO

Just two weeks after our April session, our bargaining team met with the employer again in Ottawa from May 8 to 10, 2018, to continue bargaining.

Our team tabled our pay proposal that, in addition to percentage wage increases, includes proposals to restructure our pay grid and market wage adjustments in line with our CR 3 and CR 5 comparators in the core public service.

The parties continued our discussions of common issues as well as those specific to each of the FI and RO units, with a focus on outstanding non-monetary proposals. The parties were able to sign off on a number of changes to existing articles, but a number of key demands remain at the table. Some of these key demands include recognition of seniority (years of service) when scheduling work and converting terms to indeterminate positions. These are critical demands for our members that, in addition to fair compensation, will go a long way to getting us closer to a tentative agreement.

Our bargaining team remains committed to working hard and to reaching a renewal of the collective agreement that is fair and provides substantive gains to our hard-working members across the country. Your support throughout this process has been invaluable, and we greatly appreciate getting pictures from our members across the country showing their support for the bargaining team. These were displayed in our bargaining room and the employer took note of the support.

The parties will be back at the table June 12 to 14, 2018.

In the meantime, we are encouraging all our members across the country to visit their Members of Parliament. Explain to them the important work that we do and request that they take action towards getting us a fair deal that respects and values our work on behalf of all Canadians. A lobby kit to aid you in these visits will be circulated through the PSAC Regional Offices. Stay Tuned.

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PSAC at SSO – Stronger Together!

Our bargaining team:

Shalane Spencer
Mary Ann Walker
Linda Woods
Shelly Daudlin
Alice Vallee
Claude-Andre Leduc
Anna Goldfeld



May 14, 2018