SV bargaining team tables demands on mental health and child care

Our SV bargaining team tabled significant demands in the last three days of bargaining with Treasury Board, including proposals to improve workplace health and safety and child care.

Addressing harm

PSAC is proposing that the government implement the recommendations contained in the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, drafted by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. The proposal highlights the need for union and management to work together to identify what may be psychologically harmful in the workplace, and implement practices that support and promote good mental health.

PSAC’s proposal also addresses the changes made by C-4 legislation that removed or weakened significant sections of the Canada Labour Code, including the definition of danger, the right to refuse dangerous work, and the right to investigations and inspections.

Child Care, grievances and sick leave

PSAC is calling on the government to provide better support for its employees with young children. Affordable and accessible child care remains a pressing concern for many working families.

Our child care demand proposes the development of solutions to workplace child care, such as reversing the policy shift towards charging rent to child care centres in federal government buildings, as well as identifying other accessible community options and making these solutions available to workers.

We also presented language on grievance procedure that will speed up the adjudication process.

It should come as no surprise that the employer tried to lure us into further discussion on sick leave, but we remained steadfast in our refusal to discuss anything that would not be beneficial to our members.

Before this week’s round of bargaining began, the ship’s crews sub-committee met for two days. Representatives from each region and from all crewing systems participated in discussions of their unique working conditions and the relevance of our demands to those conditions.

With regards to the pay study, we are still looking forward to meeting with the Hay group and are expecting a response in the very near future.

The next bargaining dates will be in March. Please stay tuned for further bargaining updates on



January 16, 2015