SV bargaining: No movement from Treasury Board

The SV bargaining team met with Treasury Board negotiators from September 13-15 in Ottawa.

Our bargaining team came back to the table prepared to resolve all outstanding issues at the table and to renew our collective agreement. However, Treasury Board was either unprepared, or did not have the mandate to move forward on any of the substantive issues still before us.

These include: the SV pay study, workforce adjustment and sick leave. We did discuss and sign off on some housekeeping and administrative articles. But we did not receive an answer to any of our crucial demands.

Given that our employer is unwilling to make any significant movement on our demands, we have unfortunately reached the end of the road. We cannot set any further bargaining dates when Treasury Board is not taking members’ priorities seriously.

Stay involved, get engaged!

Our power at the bargaining table stems from the support we get from you in the workplace as well as in the community. Please stay tuned for planned actions in the near future as we send a message to TB and the Liberal government that we want a fair deal now!



September 16, 2016