SV bargaining: employer offers no significant change

Our bargaining team met with the employer this week and the “new mandate” offers little change. Sick leave remains their main focus.

We pushed the employer for responses to our proposals, but they responded in a manner that is not much different from that of the Conservatives.

We will not trade away sick leave

Treasury Board negotiators tabled a proposal similar to that of the previous Conservative government, that would replace our existing sick leave plan. It takes away existing rights and leaves members worse off. The proposed short term disability plan would fall outside of the collective agreement and allow the government to make unilateral changes any time.

We remain open to improvements on sick leave but we will not negotiate concessions or agree to any proposal that forces members to choose between losing pay or going to work sick.

Working with ship’s crews sub-committee

The ship’s crews sub-committee was in Ottawa this week, and our bargaining team had a productive meeting with the members to finalize proposals that will be tabled in our next bargaining session.

Fair bargaining and Bill C4

We are pleased to see the government move to repeal Bill C59 (division 20), but there is still another unfair labour law on the books. The unconstitutional changes to labour laws governing the collective bargaining process under C4 remain a key issue.

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February 5, 2016