Support striking Pearson Airport workers – respect their picket line!

Over 700 workers employed by Swissport at Pearson Airport walked off the job on July 27, 2017. The members of Teamsters Local Union 419 handle baggage and cargo, tow planes, clean cabins, and perform flight operations tasks for over 30 airlines. Swissport is seeking significant concessions, including a 3-year wage freeze, flexible hours of work, reduced benefit coverage, and contracting out.

You can hear directly from these workers about what is at stake in this video.

Respect the picket line

While we understand that this is summer holiday season and Pearson is a hub for many departures, arrivals and connecting flights, we must all fight against contracting out and attacks by employers on wages, benefits and fair working conditions. So please, support these workers by respecting the picket line and refrain from using Pearson airport for any travel for the duration of this strike.

As the bumper sticker says: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Cross Picket Lines”.




August 15, 2017