Stop closure of Vegreville Immigration Centre

On October 19, public service workers at the Vegreville Immigration Centre will have to choose to move to Edmonton, accept a three-hour commute, or lose the jobs they love. October 19 is also the second anniversary of the election of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government, who campaigned on a promise to respect public servants. The closure will devastate a rural Alberta community already hard hit by the current economic climate. Rural communities play a vital role in Canada, and we need to ensure that our communities stay vibrant and strong.

“During the last federal election, the Liberal party promised to respect public services and the people who make those services possible. The lack of consultation with the workers in Vegreville about this closure is an affront to that promise.”

Robyn Benson
PSAC National President

“The CPC is one of the largest employers in Vegreville, and employs citizens from the surrounding counties and municipalities. The steady employment and income that is created by this office has introduced new people to the area, increased real estate values, increased the municipality’s tax base which allows the town to offer more programing, and is a solid foundation for attracting new business to the community.”

Myron Hayduk
Vegreville Mayor

Updates on the Vegreville Campaign

Vegreville residents and employees speak

“I have seen, first hand, the devastation that just the announcement of the closure has already done to our community.”

—Restaurant Manager

“The CPC has been so important for so many of Vegreville’s citizens and businesses.”

—Small Business Owners

“Commuting four hours a day is not reasonable from an economic standpoint, or for the well-being of families.”

—Surplussed CPC Employee

“Canadian Families living in rural Alberta deserve to have access to federal jobs.”

—CPC Employee

“The CPC is my family; my friends.”

—CPC Employee