Statement by Robyn Benson on the disaffiliation of Unifor from the CLC

On January 17, 2018, Unifor announced it is disaffiliating from the Canadian Labour Congress.

I join labour leaders across the country in expressing my deep disappointment in Unifor’s decision. The Canadian Labour Congress is carrying out its mission to improve the day-to-day lives of all Canadians by advocating for strong public services, advancing proposals for creating more good jobs, defending human rights, and securing better pensions and health care for all. 

The Public Service Alliance of Canada will continue to do our part to strengthen the work of the Canadian Labour Congress and to keep the labour movement united and focused on the key challenges ahead, including winning better pay and working conditions, proactive pay equity legislation and universal child care.

I am calling on all locals of the PSAC to do their part to strengthen our labour movement, particularly in our communities through the Canadian Labour Congress’ district labour councils. I call on those not affiliated to their labour councils, to join. Those that are affiliated, attend meetings and help your councils in every way possible. Let’s demonstrate solidarity and unity now, across the country.

In solidarity,

Robyn Benson

January 24, 2018