SSO Pay Equity Settlement Appeals- Questions and Answers

1. Where do I send the appeal?

You can send an appeal via email to SSO at:

2. If I don’t have access to a computer or email address what should I do?

You can send it in the mail using the below address:

Statistics Canada
25 St Clair Ave E 5th Floor
Toronto ON M4T 1M4
Attn: SSO Pay Equity Unit

3. Who should be cc’d on the appeal?

Please cc 

4. When should I file an appeal?

You should file an appeal within 120 calendar days of your receipt of payment.It is our understanding that only current members have received payments. The appeals process explains that individuals can participate in a review process if they believe there is an error in service calculation, eligibility or payment amount.

5. When does the 120 days begin/end?  Should I still file an appeal if I’ve gone beyond the 120-day timeline? 

You technically have 120 calendar days from the receipt of payment to file an appeal.We are encouraging all members to file an appeal as soon as possible within the 120-day time period, but to go ahead with an appeal beyond the 120-day period if the time period has already passed.While we encourage members and former members to adhere to timelines in the appeals process, should you miss any timelines in the appeals process, we still encourage you to follow the appeals process regardless of if you’ve missed a timeline.

6. How do I know if I’m affected and should file an appeal? 

SSO’s approach to settlement calculations affect members and former members eligible for a settlement.Folks who took or earned paid leaves, who worked overtime or on a designated paid holiday are affected.It is important to note that provisions differ depending on your collective agreement, please refer to relevant collective agreements applicable to the period in question for additional compensation information. If in doubt we recommend that folks file an appeal to be on the safe side.

7. Do I need to provide evidence in my appeal?

The model appeal language provided by our legal counsel will suffice since it is a systemic interpretation problem.You do not need to provide detailed proof of the problem to submit this appeal, so please do not let this delay you from submitting an appeal.You are welcome to request your detailed information from SSO but because this is a systemic issue SSO is likely not going to be able or willing to provide this information in a timely fashion.

8. Were all paid leaves, allowances, benefits excluded in SSO’s calculations?

Maternity and parental allowances have been included in SSO’s calculations, along with disability benefits and workers’ compensation benefits.

9. How and when will the issue be resolved? 

The PSAC has raised its concerns directly with SSO regarding its interpretation and will keep you informed of next steps

10. I’ve filled an appeal but didn’t mention overtime and designated paid holidays- what should I do?

Please feel free to send an email to SSO using the new model appeal language.

11. After emailing my appeal I’ve received a somewhat unrelated automatic response from SSO- is this normal?

Yes, it is quite likely you could receive an automatic response that is not applicable to the appeal process since the general SSO pay equity email address is also where folks ask general questions and where some former members need to submit their information.

If you have any additional questions please contact



July 18, 2017