Shared Services Canada confirms jobs will not be outsourced

Last week, a news report suggested that Shared Services Canada hired the services of a consulting firm to explore the possibilities of outsourcing of our member's jobs.

SSC confirms there will be no outsourcing

Immediately following these reports, PSAC/GSU was in touch with department officials to get clarification.

Ron Parker, president of Shared Services Canada provided assurances on a conference call that the consulting firm report from 2014 was never meant to be implemented and that our members will not incur any job losses.

He also communicated that Shared Services Canada continues to grow and thrive as a provider of information technology. Many of its business lines will require the support of our members over the coming years.

Improving communications

PSAC/GSU is actively engaged with Shared Services Canada and will work over the coming months to improve our current communications strategy and ensure messaging going out to the public is vetted by the PSAC.

Continuing to work on behalf of our members

PSAC continues to proudly represent our members at Shared Services Canada through our engagement with its management team.

We will continue to monitor the situation vigilantly and ensure commitments are respected so our members have access to good jobs.


March 30, 2016