Revised Update: Important information about overpayments

Recovery of net pay vs gross pay

PSAC has demanded the government only recover net pay from employees who have received overpayments because of Phoenix, instead of requiring the reimbursement of gross pay.

The employer’s response, however, falls disappointingly short of the union’s demand. 

Overpayments must be reported by January 19, 2018

The employer has informed PSAC that if you have received an overpayment, and your pay is administered by the pay centre in Miramichi, you must contact the call centre to report the overpayment. If employees report their overpayment by January 19, 2018 the government will only recover the net pay. The net pay is the exact amount of the overpayment you received.

The phone number for the call centre is: 1-855-686-4729.

PSAC urges members to keep a record of your call. If you have reported an overpayment by January 19, 2018 you should get a letter by the end of January or early February confirming that you only have to repay the net pay.

If your pay is being administered from within your department, agency or organization, use the procedures outlined by them. You will still need to report your overpayment by January 19, 2018.

PSAC still pushing for full exemption

PSAC is unsatisfied with this half-measure and will continue to push for a full exemption from repaying the gross pay for all employees who received an overpayment due to Phoenix.

However, we do encourage our members to make every effort to take the steps prescribed above and report any problems to your steward, a member of your union local executive, your PSAC regional office, or your component.


January 11, 2018