Q&A on Compensation Advisor Memorandum of Understanding

Who is covered by this Memorandum?

The MOU covers Compensation Advisors at the AS-01, AS-02 and AS-03 group and levels working at the Public Service Pay Centre (including satellite offices) and within departments.

What time period does the MOU cover?

The MOU takes effect on the date of signing and will be in effect until June 1, 2018.

I am a compensation advisor who works for a separate agency. Will I be covered by the recruitment and retention measures?

This MOU does not cover employees in agencies such as the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), since they are not covered under Treasury Board.

However, the MOU states that “The Employer recognizes the importance of this memorandum of agreement and the need to encourage Separate Agencies to consider initiatives for Compensation Advisors in their organizations that take into account their specific circumstances. The Employer will accordingly provide such encouragement to separate agencies and will provide the union with confirmation of the same.” PSAC will approach separate agencies on this issue and will continue to advocate on behalf of all compensation advisors to achieve fair pay and fair treatment.

What types of recruitment and retention measures does this MOU include?

  • A retention payment of $4000
  • An improvement to overtime pay: compensated at double (2) time for overtime worked during the period between August 1, 2017 and June 1, 2018
  • Vacation leave: special provisions on carry-over and liquidation of vacation leave
  • Compensatory leave: special provisions regarding compensation in cash or leave with pay
  • An independent job content and classification process for all PSPC Compensation Advisor employees at the AS 1, 2 & 3 levels, beginning October 2nd, 2017

Does this cover current compensation advisors?

Yes. Current employees will receive the incentive payment as two (2) $2,000 lump sums, one payable effective the date of signing of the MOU and one payable July 1, 2018. They will also be covered by the other provisions of the MOU.

Will this cover new employees?

New recruits hired after the signing of this MOU and prior to June 1, 2018, will receive the incentive payment after completing a one-year period of continuous employment. They will also be covered by the other provisions of the MOU.

I am a retired compensation advisor. What can I expect if I decide to return to work in the federal public service?

Retirees who come back to work as Compensation Advisors after the signing of this MOU and prior to June 1, 2018, will earn the incentive payment through pro-rated payments over a six-month period of employment, starting upon commencement of employment.

They will also be covered under the other provisions of the MOU.

Does this affect other PSAC members in the PA group who are not compensation advisors?

Only compensation advisors are covered by this MOU, which was negotiated to recognize the difficulties with recruiting and retaining staff to help fix the Phoenix problems.

Why has the union negotiated special incentives for compensation staff?

Hundreds of compensation advisors were laid off by the previous government. There are not enough compensation advisors to deal with all of the problems that have arisen under the new Phoenix pay system. The government desperately needs to bring in more staff, especially those with expertise and experience, to help fix Phoenix. To achieve this goal, the union and the employer have agreed on these special one-time measures. An increase in compensation staff will help all employees of the government, because it will improve and speed up the time for fixing pay problems.

What about compensation for PSAC members who have been affected by Phoenix?

PSAC successfully pushed Treasury Board to compensate our members for penalties, interest charges and other fees incurred due to pay problems, and reimbursement of fees for tax professionals to help with significant tax problems. We are also demanding that employees be compensated for lost interest due to late payments and damages for pain and suffering.

I’m a former compensation advisor, how do I apply to return?

You can apply to this job posting on the government’s website.

I am a former compensation advisor who has re-applied since the Phoenix debacle began, but my application was rejected.

PSAC has become aware of several cases where qualified candidates with compensation experience have been screened out of the hiring process. If this has happened to you, please send an email to compensation-remuneration@psac-afpc.com.



August 29, 2017