Public Works needs to slow down implementation of Phoenix pay system

For some time now, and since the new pay system Phoenix was launched at the Public Works Pay Centre, we have been hearing from our members of numerous problems and concerns.

PSAC in discussions with employer

We are taking these concerns seriously and following up with the employer to see if they can slow down the implementation of the new system until errors can be corrected to avoid future problems.

The PSAC has already communicated with management that they either need to add more staff at the pay centre or slow down the pace files are being transferred.

Our members at Miramichi

Our members working in Miramichi are dedicated, concerned by the problems and working hard but are under a tremendous amount of pressure. 


We will keep you appraised of the situation as soon as we hear updates. If you have any concerns about the system, please contact your component.


April 5, 2016