Public Service Pension and Insurance Benefits Statements

Treasury Board has announced that, due to ongoing Phoenix pay system problems, the Public Service Pension and Insurance Benefits Statements will not be issued this year. However, PSAC members working in the federal public service can be assured that this will not affect your pension and benefit plan eligibility or entitlement.

Alternative resources available

Those employees who are

  • within six months of retirement,
  • are leaving the public service,
  • experiencing a relationship breakdown and are dividing their pension, or
  • need information about a service buyback

can contact the Government of Canada Pension Centre.

More information about alternative resources can be found on the Treasury Board website.

PSAC is here to help

The Phoenix debacle has caused undue hardship and stress to many of PSAC’s members. PSAC continues to do everything we can to help get our members paid accurately and on time – as well as compensation for any financial hardships endured as a result of Phoenix.

If you are experiencing pay problems, do not hesitate to contact your PSAC union representative for assistance.


August 11, 2017