PSSA and SDB Leave Without Pay Arrears

Payments for outstanding arrears for pensionable service and SDB coverage accrued during prior periods of leave without pay can be deducted from monthly superannuation benefits cheques in the same manner as active PSSA participants employed with the Federal Public Service. Recovery of the PSSA and SDB arrears is initiated upon commencement of receipt of an annuity or allowance pursuant to the PSSA. Terminating employees also have the option of paying all or a portion of the PSSA and SDB arrears in a lump sum payment with the funds available from termination payments.

Unlike past service election payments, there is no insurance arrangement for payment of PSSA and SDB leave without pay arrears on an installment basis. Recovery of any arrears unpaid at the time of a PSSA participant’s death may be made from any allowance payable to a survivor and children by either lump-sum payment or installments for a term specified by the President of the Treasury Board with 4% interest.

December 10, 2015