PSAC young workers craft vision for the future

Eight young workers from across the country participated in PSAC’s first national young worker committee meeting in Ottawa from January 10-11. They spent time creating a three-year plan of action – focusing on ways to make young workers a more prominent and vocal part of our union.

Victor Bilodeau, a committee member who works at Université de Sherbrooke in Québec, commented on the planning of the day:

"The get together was a great opportunity to realize that I'm not alone as a young worker in the PSAC."

 Lauren Baert, a border services officer, added her own thoughts:

“It's amazing to see how much we can all flourish as leaders when we sit down and collaborate. To say that our meeting was encouraging and empowering doesn't even do it justice. We are the future of this union and we must band together.”

Action plan

The action plan entails building a network of young workers to achieve PSAC’s priorities of defending collective agreements, protecting public services and building opposition to the Conservative government for their eventual defeat in the next federal election.

The plan also focused on networking within and across regions, ensuring that young workers will be educated and supported within all sectors of the union.

Next steps

The next steps for the committee will include conducting a survey targeted at young workers, developing a communications strategy and delivering a series of educational sessions. The focus of these efforts will ensure that they are developed and delivered by young workers, for young workers.


The committee also made a presentation to the Alliance Executive Committee outlining the challenges and successes that they face and how they see young workers contributing to the PSAC priorities.  The committee will be making a similar presentation to the National Board of Directors in March 2015

The future

PSAC’s young workers are completely engaged and focused on the task of creating a vision that will build on the momentum and achievements already created by our union over the last several decades.


February 2, 2015