PSAC is working on repairing the damage caused by Phoenix

“We are well aware that implementing the Phoenix pay system has created serious financial consequences and significant stress for many of our members and other federal public service workers,” said PSAC National President Robyn Benson. “We have been putting a lot of effort into getting the government to make this right for our members.”

PSAC, together with the other federal public service unions, has been pushing the government to compensate those hurt by the implementation of Phoenix.

The unions have been talking with Treasury Board about

  • Interest payments on outstanding salary, and other payments
  • A consistent approach across to departments to deal with compensation claims
  • A process for filing grievances related to these claims
  • A fair approach to recovering salary overpayments
  • Ways to protect employees from adverse tax impacts resulting from financial decisions they’ve had to make as a result of missing pay

“Our discussions so far with Treasury Board have been productive,” said Benson. We’re continuing to work out the details of how to repair the damage caused by Phoenix.”

There will be more updates as these talks continue.

Important:  keep your records

Members are reminded to keep any receipts, copies of statements and financial records related to any financial hardship caused by the Phoenix implementation.


August 8, 2016