PSAC urges government to respect court ruling on bargaining rights

The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) is urging the federal government not to appeal a recent decision by the Quebec Superior Court that strikes down provisions in labour law that have stopped unions from using the collective bargaining process to improve pension and staffing rights.

Last week, the Quebec Superior Court struck down section 113(b) of the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Act (FPSLRA), which prohibited federal public service bargaining agents from negotiating pension plans and staffing. The court confirmed that the section was unconstitutional and infringed on the rights of Canadians to free collective bargaining under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

"PSAC applauds the decision of the Quebec Superior Court. This is an important victory for all federal public service workers,” said Chris Aylward, PSAC National President.

"For many years, PSAC has fought for the right to negotiate a greater range of important issues for our members at the bargaining table. The court’s decision affirms we were right to do so and supports our longstanding demand for comprehensive labour law reform in line with the established right to free collective bargaining.”

PSAC will use all means to ensure the Liberal government honours its election pledge to respect the constitutional rights of public service employees.

“Prime Minister Trudeau made a commitment to federal public service workers that his government would not trample on their right to bargain like the Harper Conservatives before them,” said Aylward. “It’s time for this government to walk the talk and confirm it will respect the court’s decision.”


June 11, 2018