PSAC tables proposal for national rates of pay for 12-month ED-EST teachers

The joint committee on rates of pay for ED-EST (12 months) met for the second time in Ottawa on June 1, 2018. At this meeting, we tabled our proposal for a new national rate of pay for 12-month teachers. The employer’s committee members promised to evaluate the proposal and respond once they have had the opportunity to properly assess our proposal.

The meeting marks the first step by this joint committee towards the negotiation and creation of a national rate of pay for 12-month ED-EST teachers. The work of the joint committee is critical in informing the current round of collective bargaining, which began on May 29. The committee will propose appropriate wage adjustments that result from our research and analysis to be considered by the parties in negotiations.

We eagerly await a response from the employer and hope to be able to meet and continue discussions in the near future.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

PSAC committee members:

Michel St Amour – Mission Institution (Mission, BC)
Arliss Chute Ibsen – Bowden Institution (Innisfail, AB)
Doug Mason – Joyceville Penitentiary (Kingston, ON)
Yorgo Yumukoglu – Laval Federal Training Centre (Laval, QC)
Rod Crowe – Springhill Institution (Springhill, NS)
Mathieu Brûlé – Negotiator (co-chair)
Shawn Vincent – Research Officer



June 6, 2018