PSAC strikes Gender Equity Task Force

January 21, 2019 marked the first meeting of PSAC’s Gender Equity Task Force. The Task Force, chaired by Ontario REVP Sharon DeSousa, originated from a meeting of the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) in December 2017. The NHRC women’s working group put forward a recommendation to strike a task force charged with examining equity representation within the union on all leadership bodies and develop proposals to increase women’s participation throughout PSAC, and in all areas of union activity.

There will be three phases to its work:

  1. analyze the current state of gender equity at all levels of PSAC, giving special attention to the participation of women from equity-seeking groups
  2. consult with membership through surveys and in-person meetings to identify barriers to union participation and gather feedback on women’s equality needs
  3. prepare and submit a report to the National Board of Directors with findings and recommendations for improving gender equality and women’s participation in PSAC

In addition to Sister DeSousa, PSAC’s Gender Equity Task Force committee includes June Winger (National President of the Union of National Defence Employees) and three members of the NHRC women’s working group: Angela Decker, Sandrine Oka and Missy Taylor.

PSAC seeks to build a union that is representative of its membership at all levels and plans to shift culture, programs and practices to ensure your union is more inclusive for all women.


October 24, 2019