PSAC seeks constructive relationship with new Liberal government

PSAC national president Robyn Benson has reached out to the new government congratulating Justin Trudeau and his caucus on their election and expressing hope for a constructive relationship. She also requested a meeting with Mr. Trudeau as soon as possible.

“I have indicated to Prime Minister-designate Trudeau that our union looks forward to building a positive and constructive relationship with his government,” said Benson. “As far as we are concerned, change cannot happen soon enough and we want to be part of it.”

A critical issue for many PSAC members is the restoration of strong and vibrant federal public services for the benefit of all Canadians.

Benson has called on the Liberal government to re-open as soon as possible the nine Veterans’ Affairs offices closed by the previous government and reminded them that there are many other areas where services need to be restored and enhanced.

“I’m looking forward to opportunities for PSAC and Component representatives to meet with the new government and department deputy ministers to discuss solutions,” said Benson.

In light of the Liberals’ stated promise to respect and trust the federal government’s employees and to value the work they do, Benson has asked the government to send Treasury Board back to the bargaining table in December with a new mandate.

She also reminded the Prime Minister-designate of his commitments to uphold labour rights, including the repeal of both C-377 and C-525, as well as his indication that the offending provisions of Bill C-10, Bill C-4 and Bill C-59 would also be repealed.


October 24, 2015