PSAC opposes U.S. ban on refugees and Muslim immigrants

PSAC stands against the recent Executive Order issued by U.S. President Trump, which temporarily halts all resettlement of refugees to the U.S. and bans nationals of seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S. 

We call on the Canadian government and on all Canadians to stand up against this measure, which impacts refugees, temporary residents, and immigrants, based solely on where people come from and on their religion. This is blatant racial discrimination and Islamophobia.

The Canadian government has issued a response but has not yet taken significant action.  PSAC calls on the Canadian government to:

  • withdraw from the Safe Third Country Agreement with the U.S., which closes the door to most refugee claimants applying at Canada’s land border with the U.S.
  • offer to resettle all those affected by the ban who wish to seek refuge in Canada, over and above Canada’s refugee resettlement targets
  • increase the number of refugees accepted by Canada to welcome people from those countries currently affected by the U.S. ban.

PSAC urges its members to write to their MPs and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to demand that Canada respond to this crisis appropriately.

We also encourage our members to support community advocates who work with refugees and immigrants.  Let’s stand together in solidarity against all forms of hatred and Islamophobia.



January 30, 2017