PSAC members speak out on sick leave

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We have been receiving emails, Tweets and Facebook messages from PSAC members who are outraged about the government’s proposal to strip sick leave. Here is a sample of what they had to say:


“During my second and third trimesters of pregnancy I never called in sick. But all of those appointments I had to go to? They are considered sick leave. Does Mr. Clement not understand how many appointments a pregnant woman requires? This puts women in such an unfair position; undoubtedly an attack on women.”


“As a previous compensation advisor, I know the vast majority of public servants are very responsible with their paid sick leave credits. With an aging public service and the ill health that can sometimes occur as we get older, this is just so unfair on so many who have given the best years of their life to serving.”


“I have been with the public service for 17 years.  It’s only been in the past three years that I’ve exhausted my sick leave, because I required hospital care.


“If we lose our sick leave, people need to know that they will not automatically get short term disability. Insurance companies are not there to help you. Their case workers do not have medical training and their job is to try and deny you.”


“I sure do support sick leave… I had a lot accumulated when I left. It is a privilege to get sick leave, so many people do not have it.”


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November 5, 2014