PSAC members demand fair working conditions in bargaining sessions with Treasury Board

Members of PSAC who work for the federal government just concluded a week of negotiations with their employer. After more than two years at the table and little progress, bargaining team members urged Treasury Board to offer “real change” that respects the value of the public services provided by PSAC members.

Workforce adjustment

Treasury Board held to its position that the Workforce Adjustment Appendix does not require any changes. We strongly disagree, given the stress and turmoil that so many PSAC members faced during a four-year period of public sector cuts and layoffs.

Treasury Board’s position came in response to numerous PSAC bargaining proposals tabled to ensure that WFA operates in a fair, transparent and impartial manner.

“This is an insult, especially coming from a Liberal government that campaigned on the promise to restore respect to the public service,” said Robyn Benson, PSAC National President.

Sick leave

Our position on the employer’s short-term disability plan remains unchanged, but we continue to seek either a renewal or improvements to the current sick leave regime.

In a meeting this week, the Coordinated Issues Committee, which includes representatives from all five PSAC bargaining teams for the core public administration, said that any short-term disability plan must reside in the collective agreement.

EB bargaining: Our team put forward proposals for a variety of fair-market adjustments to our members’ wages to address longstanding wage gaps. We tabled a proposal for “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” and signed off on administrative language on volunteer and personal leave.

FB bargaining: We made it clear to the employer that we want fair pensions for our members. Our team also proposed a paid meal period and wage adjustments that would bring FB members in line with other law enforcement agencies.

TC bargaining: The TC team focused on the importance of closing the wage gap for our members. Our wage demands were built using the bargaining input submitted by TC members across the country, and the many emails and conversations between our team and the members over the two years that we have been in negotiations.

SV bargaining: The SV bargaining team met with Treasury Board for four days this week. Although there was movement on some issues, the employer’s position has not changed on any of the important ones. The employer has not yet tabled a response to our wage study proposal from April.  They indicated that they would be in a position to respond at our next session.

PA bargaining: Our bargaining team gave a presentation to the employer on the need for affordable childcare. We also presented our complete economic package, as well as language on whistleblowing, rest breaks during overtime, acting pay, workplace violence and electronic surveillance. We also reviewed all of our outstanding issues with the employer and signed off on minor changes to the Personal Leave and Volunteer Leave articles.



June 24, 2016