PSAC meets with cabinet working group on Phoenix

PSAC National President Robyn Benson has met with the Ministers of the cabinet working group on Phoenix to discuss recommendations by the union for fixing pay system problems.

“This was an opportunity to share information that we are hearing from our members who work directly with the pay system,” said Benson. "I reiterated our recommendations, including the need to engage IBM to address the technological issues still plaguing the Phoenix system as well as ensuring the human resources capacity continues to be expanded and rebuilt.”

PSAC’s recommendations

It is imperative that the government rebuild the internal expertise that was lost by the elimination of compensation advisor positions in 2011. This includes increasing the capacity at the Miramichi pay centre and the satellite offices, and incorporating more of these essential workers back into departments. This means hiring and training new staff, as well as bringing back experienced former compensation advisors who are willing to do so.

The government must also ensure that IBM continues to be engaged in order to fix the persistent technological issues plaguing the Phoenix pay system.


June 26, 2017