PSAC makes compensation and grievance process a priority during meetings with Treasury Board

The committee tasked to deal with Phoenix-related compensation, co-chaired by PSAC National President Robyn Benson and the Secretary of the Treasury Board, met earlier this week to discuss optimizing the compensation process, and the right to grieve inaccurate and/or untimely pay. 

Discussions so far have been productive as we continue to work out the details of repairing the damage caused by Phoenix.

Compensation process 

PSAC continues to advocate to make the compensation process as fair as possible. 

Treasury Board’s offer to compensate public service workers for Phoenix-related losses came in the wake of PSAC demands and a court application filed by PSAC and several other public service unions.


The claim form for compensation can be found on the government Phoenix website.  

Treasury Board has provided lists of what can and cannot be claimed through the compensation process. However, if you have a loss not listed please contact PSAC

Grievance process 

The grievance process for unresolved compensation issues is still being finalized.

In the meantime, all existing grievance rights will be preserved if the compensation process does not provide a resolution.

Overpayment and recovery 

Recovery methods and timelines for overpayments are also being finalized. Overpayments can be repaid either immediately or in installments.

Overpaid members wishing to ensure that all pay issues are resolved in the 2016 tax year can make full repayment at any time before the end of the year. 

We remind all members that overpaid compensation must be recovered by the Employer. Treasury Board has committed to a fair and equitable approach for recovery.

Important: keep your records

Members are reminded to keep any receipts, copies of statements and financial records related to any financial hardship caused by the Phoenix implementation.


More updates will be provided as these talks continue.


Would you like to share your Phoenix story with us? Have a compensation issue not covered by the TB compensation categories.?  Please send us an email.


September 21, 2016