PSAC launches new video on Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Today we are launching a new video entitled, Demystifying Multiple Chemical Sensitivity”.

This video features an expert in the field of chemical sensitivity (MCS), Dr. John Molot and a PSAC member who is impacted by this condition.

It explains what MCS is, its impact on workers and the employer’s duty to accommodate.

The video is meant to be an introduction to the issue and a discussion starter in workshops and health and safety union events.

People with MCS can suffer debilitating physical symptoms when exposed to chemicals in the environment.  It is an often misunderstood medical condition.

Symptoms include trouble breathing, headaches, unexplained pain and chronic fatigue. The common triggers are chemicals in commonly used products such as perfumes, deodorants, cleaning products, etc.

PSAC’s tackles the issue

Our union is taking a lead in raising awareness about MCS and in having environmental disabilities recognized as a work-related illness. In particular PSAC:

  • Held the first Canadian union to hold a health and safety conference in 1993 on the topic of MCS
  • Has given workshops over the years at many of our national and regional health and safety conferences
  • Has offered workshop materials to various organizations, including many federal government departments and agencies
  • Produced publications on MCS
  • Has taken on many cases that have been resolved through human rights legislation and employer’s duty to accommodate persons with disabilities
  • Has had a no-scents policy for years and for all its events, including the triennial conventions and national conferences
  • Has been successful in advocating for the right of members with MCS to be accommodated in the workplace


June 2, 2016