PSAC lauds Liberal government’s blocking of Bill C-377

Public Service Alliance of Canada welcomes the Minister of National Revenue’s announcement this morning that reporting requirements for unions under Bill C-377 will be waived for 2016.

The Liberal government will move to repeal the law as promised by the Liberal Party of Canada in the election campaign.

“The PSAC’s position all along has been that Bill C-377 is unconstitutional and a violation of privacy rights. It is good to see the government act now before the harm could be done,” said PSAC National President Robyn Benson. “We hope the legislation to repeal the Bill will be introduced quickly so that this matter can be put to rest for once and for all.”

Bill C-377 was ushered through Parliament by the last Conservative government despite wide protests from unions, constitutional and privacy experts, as well as many provinces. The bill forces all union organizations, including pension and benefit trusts, to disclose to the Canada Revenue Agency the details of all their financial affairs for posting on public web sites.

December 21, 2015