PSAC gears up for next round of bargaining with Treasury Board

After two years of Phoenix pay problems, PSAC members continue to show up to work and deliver the services Canadians depend on. The least they deserve is a fair collective agreement that recognizes the value of their work and the importance of the services they provide to Canadians.

This week PSAC hosted its Treasury Board National Bargaining Conference to make sure the next round of collective bargaining delivers exactly that kind of fair deal for our members.

The conference brought together hundreds of workers from across the federal public service to discuss and prioritize issues leading into the next round of collective bargaining. They also held a rally in front of the Prime Minister Trudeau’s office to send a clear message to his government: PSAC members are ready to bargain and the government better come to the table prepared to negotiate a fair collective agreement.

About 90,000 federal public service workers are covered under the Programs and Administrative Services (PA), Technical Services (TC), Operational Services (SV) and Education and Library Science (EB) collective agreements with Treasury Board. The current collective agreements for the four groups will expire within the next six months.

Conference delegates for each unit also elected their respective bargaining team members, their alternates and members for the National Strategy Coordinating Committee (NSCC).

EB bargaining team

The EB includes employees responsible for education, education support and library.




PA bargaining team

The PA group includes employees responsible for program administration, information services, communications, secretarial services, office equipment, administrative services, welfare programs, clerical functions and data processing.



SV bargaining team

The SV includes employees responsible for the operation of federal buildings and services, including firefighters, tradesworkers, storespeople, cooks and hospital workers, lightkeepers and ships' crews.

TC bargaining team

The TC includes employees responsible for drafting and illustration, engineering and scientific support, general technical, photography, primary products inspection, and technical inspection.




March 29, 2018