PSAC expects the government to move quickly to restore bargaining rights

The Liberal government has introduced a new bill, C-62, that will reverse the attacks made by the former Conservative government on the collective bargaining rights of federal public service workers.

“Our union has been telling the government it needed to do more than simply introduce legislation to fix laws the Conservative government used to diminish our bargaining rights,” said PSAC National President Robyn Benson. “We expect to see this legislation passed and become law. Only then will these bargaining rights be fully restored.”

C-62 will reverse the power given to the government, by the former Bill C-59, to remove sick leave from federal public service collective agreements so that it could be changed unilaterally, outside of the bargaining process.

It will also restore some of the changes to the Public Service Labour Relations Act affecting collective bargaining that the Conservatives had included in one of their omnibus budget implementation bills in 2013 (the former Bill C-4) such as those affecting the designation of essential services.

The government combined two pieces of legislation introduced in the House of Commons last year – C-5 and C-34 – into Bill C-62. Bill C-5 was introduced in the House of Commons on February 5, 2016 and C-34 on November 28, 2016, but neither bill had moved very far towards becoming law.


November 14, 2017