PSAC Dental Plan: We have filed for arbitration

PSAC met with the employer once again to negotiate improvements to the PSAC dental plan, but the employer remains unwilling to agree to any increases. We are asking for reasonable improvements, including:

  • An increase to the yearly reimbursement cap, which has not changed in almost 10 years 
  • Basing reimbursement on the current year’s dental fee guide, rather than on the previous year’s guide
  • An increase to the lifetime orthodontic cap
  • Coverage of dental cleaning for adults every six months instead of nine
  • Coverage for dental implants

There have been no improvements to the Plan in almost a decade. PSAC members deserve a better Plan, and we will fight to make that happen.

Since the employer is unwilling to move, we have filed for arbitration and will be pushing to convene an arbitration board. PSAC remains open to continuing negotiations. However, if we are unable to come to an agreement with the employer through mediation, the arbitration board will make a binding decision on changes to the dental plan. 

We will continue to communicate updates as things progress. 



August 30, 2017