PSAC continues to hold the government accountable on Phoenix

On November 16, the government provided an update on the Phoenix pay system. We learned that there are still a lot of problems to deal with.

“Our priority remains getting public service workers paid correctly and on-time. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of work to be done,” said Chris Aylward, PSAC National Executive Vice-President. “The government should have listened to us from the beginning. We told them not to go ahead with the new pay system, but now, it’s time to move forward. We want to help the government fix Phoenix so that our members can be made whole.”

Public service workers waiting for changes

The government confirmed that it is two months – or 200,000 cases – behind in processing “pay transactions” under the new Phoenix pay system.

This means difficult financial consequences for some PSAC members.

“Pay transactions” refer to changes in an employee’s pay. This includes initiating pay for new hires, changing pay for promotions or leaves of absence, and final payments for employees leaving the public service.

No date for Phoenix fix

Lemay gave no date for when the system will be fixed, but said that “over the next several months, we will return to normal processing times.”

“PSAC is working with the government in every way we can to help fix Phoenix,” said Aylward.






November 18, 2016