PSAC continues the fight for fair and free collective bargaining

Q and A on Treasury Board bargaining

Q. What is PSAC doing to defend our collective agreement rights?

A. PSAC is fighting back against the Bill C-59 attack on the fundamental Charter right to free collective bargaining in the courts and we have filed an injunction application to ensure that they do not override our bargaining rights before our day in court.

Q. Does bargaining with the government stop when an election is called?

A. When an election is called, bargaining teams and proposals remain in place. Anything that was already agreed on remains and will not have to be re-negotiated.

Q. How can I help support my bargaining team?

A. PSAC is fighting to defend the public services our members provide. Public service workers need fair treatment and healthy workplaces. We want fair wages that keep up with inflation and the job market.

You can help support your union!  Get involved with your local union in your workplace and take part in activities in support of bargaining.

The upcoming federal election is especially important for federal public service workers. You have a chance to vote for your next employer and to cast a vote to support public services. Get informed about the issues and make sure you can vote.

Q. How do I get updates on what is happening in bargaining?

A. Sign up for email updates and check our website regularly. You can also follow PSAC on Facebook and Twitter





September 10, 2015