PSAC committed to addressing unique challenges of contact centre workers

PSAC is releasing a document outlining the minimum standards we believe should be the norm at all contact centres operated by federal government organizations. As many as 6,000 PSAC members work at contact centres, call centres and client service centres.

We are hoping to achieve these standards through union management, health and safety and human rights committees, as well as collective bargaining and member mobilization.

Unique challenges

For many years, the PSAC and components representing contact centre workers have been concerned about problems inherent in contact centre work. We are committed to improving working conditions and realize that these workers face unique problems that demand unique solutions and strategies.

Although federal government workplaces have become more stressful for all PSAC members, the levels of stress in contact centres is far worse.


A subcommittee was struck of the National Board of Directors (NBoD) to address these issues in a collective and organized fashion. The following components have been involved in this work: CEIU, GSU, UPCE, UNE, USGE, UTE and UVAE.

Actions taken:

  • The NBOD subcommittee meets regularly and has created a database of contacts for locals that have members who work at contact centres
  • A survey was administered on working conditions
  • A round-table was hosted where workers and activists from key contact centres shared experiences and strategized possible actions the union should undertake

Working towards minimum standards

Based on the recommendations from activists, a long-term action plan has been developed and will be rolled out at key intervals over the next few months and years.

Although conditions are different in every federal government contact centre, there is room for improvement in all of them.



March 17, 2015