PSAC Celebrates 50 years of solidarity

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

PSAC was born when the Civil Service Association and the Civil Service Federation merged in 1966.

“I am proud to be celebrating this important milestone with all members of PSAC. PSAC’s history is immensely rich and interwoven with important achievements.” said Robyn Benson, PSAC National President.

Founding convention

On November 9, 1966, the founding convention of the Public Service Alliance began. Two hundred and thirty-nine delegates, representing 70,000 members of the Civil Service Federation of Canada and 30,000 members of the Civil Service Association of Canada, took their places.

Important breakthroughs

Back in 1966, PSAC used the newfound strength and unity to negotiate its first collective agreements with the federal government. Over the next decades, we won major improvements in working conditions for our members. We also made breakthroughs through changes in the law.

Stronger than ever

Today, PSAC sits across the table and bargains with more than 300 different employers.  “History tells us that if we stick together and show courage, we can make the difference.  Let’s move forward into the next era with the same confidence and commitment,” concluded Benson.



November 9, 2016