PSAC calls on Statistics Canada to include LGBTQ2 people in Census

PSAC recently participated in a Statistics Canada consultation on the census and called on the government to include questions about LGBTQ2 people in Census 2021.

“It is very important that the 2021 Census include questions about sexual orientation and gender identity,” said Robyn Benson, PSAC National President. “The census needs to reflect the diversity in Canada. Given that this government has said they are committed to diversity and inclusion, this should be a priority for them.”

Current data is inadequate

Currently, the only nation-wide available data about LGBTQ2 people living in Canada is about the number of same-sex married or cohabitating couples. This leaves out single and bisexual people not in same-gender relationships. It also doesn’t offer any information about trans and two-spirit Canadians. Without this important information, the government can’t make informed policy decisions.

Reliable data on the number and location of LGBTQ2 people in Canada would lead to better equity programs, services and research.

Right now, LGBTQ2 people are the only equity seeking group not included in the Employment Equity Act. Collecting census data on this group can strengthen the case for employment equity protections.

Take action!

Want to take action? Email the Statistics Canada consultation team demanding LGBTQ2 inclusion


February 15, 2018