PSAC calls for reinvestment in federal public services in 2017 budget

The Liberal government needs to reinvest in the public service and ensure resources are made available to restore and improve services.

“Federal public service workers see first-hand the impact that years of cuts have had on the quality of Canada’s public services,” said Robyn Benson, PSAC National President. “From food safety to accessing Employment Insurance benefits, this budget is an opportunity to restore what was cut so that our members can deliver the high-quality public services that Canadians deserve.”

We need a federal budget that will:

  • Reinvest in public services – this includes creating more permanent employment opportunities, instead of wasting money on privatization and contracting out.
  • Fix Phoenix – give departments and agencies a $75 million contingency fund so that federal public sector workers get paid correctly and on-time.
  • Create a publically funded, comprehensive child care system.

Delivering Quality Public Services

In order to consistently deliver the high-quality, public services Canadians deserve, the federal government needs a stable, permanent workforce with adequate resources to do the job. Privatization, contracting out and a reliance on workers in precarious jobs means lower quality services and higher costs to Canadians.


If departments don’t have the proper resources, pay problems will never be resolved. Our proposed $75 million contingency fund for departments and agencies will help get federal public sector workers paid correctly and on-time.

Child care

For most families, child care is the second largest family expense after making their rent or mortgage payments. We need the federal government to take leadership and build a quality, affordable and publically funded child care system that all families can access wherever they live.

Time for action

With their second federal budget, the Liberal government can make good on its word. Justin Trudeau said he’d fix public services and repair the relationship with the workers who deliver them. Now is the time for action.

“Supporting the people who deliver the vital services Canadians depend on is in everyone’s best interest,” concluded Benson. “Canadians voted for the promise of real change. Better public services are part of the change they wanted.”


March 20, 2017