PSAC calls on Canadians to ‎vote for a better Canada ‎

‎‎(Ottawa) The Public Service Alliance of Canada is calling on all Canadians to vote for a better Canada during this federal election. 

‎"We see this election as a turning point for Canadians and an opportunity to bring about real change," said Robyn Benson, PSAC National president.

‎‎‎‎"‎Canada needs a government that will give Canadians real security in the form of good jobs with decent wages, access to affordable child care, and solid public programs like health care, pensions, and employment insurance,"‎ added Benson.

‎The PSAC's Vote to Stop the Cuts campaign launched two weeks ago ‎encourages Canadians to vote in the next federal election for candidates who oppose further federal cuts to vital public services. It exposes the damage done by the Harper's Conservatives to public services and to some of Canada's most cherished institutions. ‎‎ The campaign has resonated with the public, with the video achieving 3.3 million views and the campaign website getting nearly 300,000 hits.

"Through this long election period, we will continue to speak to voters about the Harper Conservatives’ dismal record.  We will also make sure that our members have the facts, and that they are registered to vote.  We will do everything we can to mobilize that vote for a better Canada on October 19th," concluded Benson 

‎Canadians can go to ‎to learn more about Harper Conservatives’ budget cuts. 

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August 4, 2015