Privatization is not the answer for Montreal’s airport

The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) is warning against the recent proposal by Montreal Airport Authority CEO Philippe Rainville, to partially privatize the city’s airport.

“The evidence is clear” said PSAC National President Chris Aylward, “There is no benefit to Canadians from private, for-profit, airports. We know that costs to passengers rise and the quality of services drops when airports are partially or entirely sold off.”

Rainville’s proposal comes just a few short weeks after the federal government announced that it is shelving the report that looked at privatizing Canada’s airports.

PSAC local presidents Réal Brien and Josee Dubois, who represent over 200 employees at the airport, are steadfast in their commitment to prevent the privatization.  “We know that more than half of Canadians oppose the selling off of our large airports, and that even more are concerned that this will result in higher costs.” said Brien, “Why would we support a plan that provides Canadians poorer service at a higher price?”

“M. Rainville is out of sync with the public, with the federal government, with the House of Commons Finance Committee, with other airports,  and with the international evidence” stated Josee Dubois. “Privatizing Aeroports de Montreal would be an attempt at short-term debt reduction, that would have long-term impacts on travelers, workers, and the community of Montreal. PSAC Locals 10155 and 10157 are ready to fight to maintain a world-class public airport in the community that we serve”

Our campaign to protect airports was part of the successful efforts that lead to the scrapping of the federal government’s airport privatization plans. PSAC will continue to oppose any attempts by individual airport authorities to ignore the importance of keeping airports public.




May 22, 2018