Phoenix update: PSAC tells government of serious pay errors

PSAC President Robyn Benson conveyed our union’s serious concerns about the implementation of the final phase of the Phoenix pay system in a recent meeting with Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) on April 25. PSAC has been sounding the alarm on this pay system for months now.

Benson shared her concerns that our members are still not getting paid properly. And the stress continues to mount for the employees in Miramichi who are working on the new system.

Phoenix rollout seriously flawed

We continue to maintain that the rollout of Phoenix is seriously flawed and was not set up to properly ccount for complex pay situations. This has led to many problems, including:

  • An inability to recognize and properly compensate shift workers
  • Overtime and compensatory time not being recorded properly or paid out
  • Certain allowances not being programmed into the system
  • Employees not receiving their Record of Employment
  • Income taxes are not being properly calculated
  • Employees being deleted from the system and not getting paid at all
  • Certain employees like those working on ships for the Coast Guard are not only having problems getting paid, they also do not have access to e-post or to the call center while at sea

PSPC working to address problems

PSPC acknowledged that their biggest priority is to address these unresolved issues and make sure that everyone gets their next pay cheque on time.  

The department has already hired additional staff to help ensure that more people can get through to the help line. They have doubled the number of contracted Phoenix experts in the workplace, to help transfer the knowledge to the permanent staff.

The Deputy Minister will be arranging a visit to Miramichi this month, in an effort to show support to the employees who are working on this project.

What to do if you having problems with your pay

The department has provided this email for employees having trouble with their pay and committed to address inquiries within 48 hours.

How to access emergency pay

  • Ask your employer for an “emergency salary advance”. This can take up to a week to process.
  • Request “priority pay.”This is issued by departments and can be issued within 24 to 48 hours.The amount paid represents 66% of an employee’s gross pay.

PSAC will continue to work with the federal government to make sure that the Phoenix-related pay problems get resolved as soon as possible.



May 11, 2016