Phoenix Tool Kit

Help for PSAC members with Phoenix-related problems and questions

Departments have flexibility to issue emergency pay to employees affected by Phoenix

Submit a claim for out-of-pocket expenses related to Phoenix pay issues [Government of Canada, Pay, pension and benefits website]

Questions and answers about the Phoenix pay system. UPDATED April 24, 2017

After pressure from PSAC, the government agreed to compensate federal public service employees, with tax problems caused by the Phoenix pay system, for up to $200 per year of tax advisory services.

The claim and release form is strictly restricted to tax advisory services for the tax years 2016 and 2017.

A process is in place to avoid potential income tax implications, including situations involving outstanding salary owed to employees, overpayments and emergency salary advances.

Have your say. It’s been a year. Fix Phoenix. Tell Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to fix Phoenix and learn from the mistakes that led to this debacle

We want you to know that PSAC has been doing everything in its power to ensure that  you get paid correctly and on-time and address problems caused by Phoenix.