Phoenix: PSAC reacts to Senate announcement

The Senate has expressed its intention to move its payroll out of the federal government pay system. PSAC will closely examine the RFP (Request for Proposal) but we are very concerned and sceptical that the Senate is looking to a private company to perform payroll.

If the federal government were to contract out the work of public service workers, it would mean job losses for those affected by Phoenix and the very people struggling to make the pay system work.

If Phoenix has taught us anything, it is that just buying new software is insufficient. Experienced compensation advisors are required to make the payroll system work, not to mention the requirement of training for working with a particular software program. This is why cutting over 1000 experienced compensation advisor positions was a key contribution to the creation of the Phoenix debacle.

PSAC is also disappointed that Senators seem to believe they are entitled to special privileges not afforded to the vast majority of federal public service workers. Solutions that will get all public service workers paid correctly and on time should be the primary focus, not a short cut for the privileged few.


October 25, 2017