Phoenix: negotiations on damages moving forward

PSAC, and the other unions representing federal public service workers, are negotiating damages with the government for the undue stress and hardships caused by the Phoenix pay system.

In its budget, the government acknowledged it must work with the federal public sector unions to address the emotional and financial impacts of Phoenix. Since then, the talks concerning damages have been advancing. The compensation being sought is for the stress, the time spent dealing with, and the catastrophic losses caused by Phoenix pay problems.

We need your help

In order to achieve meaningful compensation, we need to keep the pressure on the government – don’t let them off the hook! Show your support by signing PSAC’s petition.

Together, we will force the government to take every step necessary to pay federal public service workers correctly and on-time, every time, and make amends for the hardships caused by Phoenix.

PSAC will continue to keep its membership up to date on these negotiations.



March 15, 2018