Phoenix: government’s commitment to delay salary clawbacks still not in effect

PSAC and our members are frustrated with the government’s failure to follow through on its commitment to delay recoveries of overpayments and emergency pay until federal public service workers have had all their pay problems resolved.

“Our members are still having their salaries clawed back while they continue to experience pay problems,” said PSAC National President Robyn Benson. “It’s very disappointing that the government has been unable to deliver on this commitment with the speed and urgency the situation requires.”

On February 14, 2018 Minister Scott Brison informed Benson that changes would be made to the directives concerning recoveries. On March 8, PSAC representatives met with officials from PSPC and Treasury Board to finalize the bulletin for departments announcing the changes. This bulletin was distributed by Treasury Board to the departments on March 9.

On March 12, 2018 PSAC communicated to its members that the government had committed to halting recoveries of overpayments until the following criteria is met for each employee:

  1. All monies owed to the employee have been paid out.
  2. The employee experiences three consecutive periods of correct pay.
  3. A reasonable repayment plan has been agreed to by the employee.

The same criteria is to be applied to the recovery of emergency salary advances and priority pay.

However, the March 21 pay day still saw recoveries that should not have taken place. PSAC has yet to receive any assurance from the employer that implementation will be completed by the next pay period. Moreover, the union is still seeing instances of situations were overpayments are being clawed back completely, even when an repayment schedule has been negotiated.

PSAC members who continue to face recoveries that do not meet the new criteria should immediately contact their union steward, pay advocate, local executive, component or their nearest PSAC regional office.

PSAC will continue to demand accountability from the government.

“Until we are sure that this commitment has been fully implemented we will not let them off the hook,” said Benson.


March 23, 2018