Phoenix: Employer unprepared for calls reporting overpayments

On December 22, 2017 PSAC released information to our members about reporting overpayments caused by the Phoenix pay system. This information was given to the union by Treasury Board. When some of our members contacted the call centre to report their overpayments, as instructed, the call centre agents were unprepared to deal with these calls.

Upon hearing about this problem from our members, PSAC contacted the employer. We were told they had not yet briefed the call centre employees on the plan for dealing with overpayments. PSAC was also told that, on a go forward basis, the call centre will now be prepared to take calls from members reporting overpayments.

PSAC shares the scepticism and frustration of our members as a result of the continuous blunders on the part of this government when it comes to payroll problems. That said, PSAC encourages our members to make every effort to report any overpayments by January 19, 2018 to avoid having to repay the gross amount. Updated instructions can be found here.

PSAC will continue to push for a full exemption from repaying the gross pay for all employees who received an overpayment due to Phoenix.


January 4, 2018