Phoenix: Employees unfairly penalized for government’s overpayment errors

As the year-end draws near, PSAC is demanding the government take immediate action to exempt public service workers they have mistakenly overpaid, from being forced to pay back the gross amount.

“When overpayments show up in the bank accounts of our members, they receive the net amount. But after December 31, 2017, these members will be on the hook for the gross pay,” said PSAC National President Robyn Benson. “This is completely unfair. Where are they going to get that money?”    

A significant number of public service workers who have been overpaid have been trying to report and repay this money but the government has not dedicated the resources necessary to process these payments. Others have even repaid their overpayment to the Receiver General, but are still having money taken off their pay because their payment still hasn’t been processed.

“The state of recovering overpayments is a huge mess,” said Benson. “The least the employer can do at this point is to reassure the people caught in this nightmare that they won’t have to pay back more money than they received.”


December 15, 2017