Pay study confirms wage gap for SV group

PSAC has received the SV group compensation comparability study. It demonstrates a significant gap between wages paid to SV group members in the federal government compared to the public and private sectors in equivalent jobs.

The bargaining team is reviewing the results to support the negotiation of wage increases benefiting all members of the SV group.

Pay study results

  • The average SV wage is 21.34% or $6.65 an hour less than their counterparts
  • Of the 17 jobs, 12 jobs were behind market value
  • At the extremes, in certain jobs, SV members were found to be 95% behind their counterparts
  • Electricians, fire fighters, vehicle mechanics, HVAC technicians and heating plant operators are lagging far behind their counterparts at the provincial and municipal level and in the private sector

Background on the pay study

  • Commissioned in 2014 by PSAC and the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) and conducted by HayGroup, an independent consulting firm
  • Collected data from 47 different employers covering 23,517 workers
  • Compared wages and benefits data of 17 jobs in the federal public service with matching positions in the private sector, and public sector at the provincial and municipal level

The SV bargaining team seeks your continued support during this challenging round of bargaining. 


November 19, 2015