Participate in PSAC's Gender Equity Task Force upcoming telephone town halls and focus groups

PSAC's Gender Equity Task Force has held sessions at all Regional Women’s Conferences across the country this year, where much qualitative and quantitative data was gathered from women identified members.

We recognize that there are many women who may have not had the opportunity to attend their regional women’s conference and take part in the Gender Equity Taskforce. In order to gather input from these women and ensure a fulsome Gender Equity Task Force report with strong recommendations, telephone townhalls and focus groups will be held in order to gather this data.

Telephone Town Halls

All PSAC members who identify as a woman are invited to take part in the telephone townhall for your region. Listed below are the dates, times, regions as well as language of upcoming townhalls:

November 12th:

The North – 4:30 pm MT (6:30 pm ET)

Prairies – 7:00pm CT in Saskatchewan and Manitoba; 6:00pm MT in Alberta (8:00 pm ET)

British Columbia – 6:30 pm PT (9:30 pm ET)

November 13th:

English Atlantic Canada – 6:00 pm AT (5:00 pm ET)

English NCR – 6:30 pm ET

English ON – 8:00 pm ET

November 20th:

French Atlantic Canada – 6:00 pm AT (5:00 pm ET)

French NCR – 6:30 pm ET

French Québec – 8:00 pm ET

Participants will be contacted through lists generated via PSAC's membership database of women identified members. To ensure that we have your correct contact number, update your information in our member portal.

Focus Groups

Part of this project will involve moderated roundtable focus groups with women PSAC members that will be facilitated by a research professional from Environics Research. The focus groups will explore issues around women’s participation and representation in PSAC. Women members of PSAC who are members of other equity-seeking groups (i.e. racialized, LGBTQ2+, Indigenous or members with disabilities) are encouraged to participate.

There will be NO sales or promotions involved. The focus groups are being conducted strictly for research purposes and your participation will be anonymous and confidential.

If you are located in one of the cities hosting a focus group, you may be contacted via email / phone from Environics or Trend Research recruiting you to participate.


November 1, 2019