Parks bargaining team proposes workforce adjustment changes

Our bargaining team met with the Parks Canada from October 25 - 27.

The team tabled proposals to amend to current workforce adjustment provisions contained in Appendix “K” of the collective agreement in an effort to improve employment security for our members.

Short term disability proposal

During our last round in June, the Agency tabled a revised short term disability proposal to replace our current sick leave provisions. We rejected this proposal and it was not discussed during this round.

Problems with Phoenix pay system

We repeated our concerns about the problems the Phoenix pay system has created for our members.

Next round

Negotiations are set to resume on November 14-17.

Our bargaining team thanks you for your ongoing patience and support. Stay tuned...

Daniel Britton, UCTE
Angela Decker, UNE
Kevin King, UNE
Janson LaBond, PSAC research officer
Jennifer Legue, UNE
Tom Milne, PSAC negotiator
Loretta Moar, UNE
Jack Norris, UCTE
Daniel Toutant, UNE



October 28, 2016