PA bargaining update: no movement from the employer

The PA bargaining team has done everything possible to try and negotiate an agreement with Treasury Board. But the employer came to the bargaining table once again without a mandate to negotiate with us on any of our major issues.

It was the 11th bargaining session in this round, spanning 26 months since the parties first exchanged bargaining demands in July 2014.

Our bargaining team represents approximately 70,000 members – the single largest bargaining unit in Canada. We have tried repeatedly to involve our Treasury Board counterpart in serious discussions about high priority items identified by our membership, including updating the antiquated classification standards, minimum standards of work for call centres, work-life balance, and appropriate compensation, among other issues.

Two years, no contract

The employer told us last week that they could not respond to our general economic proposals, saying they have not completed their “comparative pay study,” despite the fact that members have been working without a contract for more than two years.

In the one move of any significance last week, Treasury Board did provide a counter-proposal on the Memorandum of Understanding on Occupational Group Structure and classification reform tabled by the union in July 2014. We are reviewing that document.

In addition, Treasury Board did formally withdraw its intention to limit retroactive pay to one year.

Our bargaining team reviewed outstanding issues and tabled language to renew the Joint Learning Program.

Liberal government, Conservative agenda

Despite their commitment to “sunny ways,” the government continues to send all the wrong signals at the bargaining table, and in regard to the flawed Phoenix pay system.

Given that our employer is unwilling to make any significant movement on our demands, we have unfortunately reached the end of the road. We cannot set any further bargaining dates when Treasury Board is not taking members’ priorities seriously.



September 16, 2016